Handicap residents urge Trolley Express owner to make ADA changes

Handicap residents around Amarillo are in a heated debate with a local business.

Trolley Express owner Ken Spencer is facing criticism from the handicap community. Erin Welch claims that the business owner is not meeting ADA standards for his trolley. The Trolley Express, an Amarillo fixture, runs down 6th street. It is a privately-owned vehicle that has been around the area for many years.

Welch claims that although it is not a unit of the public transportation system, handicapped residents should have the right to board the trolley-like bus. For Spencer, the issue isn't person, it's financial.

Welch sent a complaint to Washington, D.C. Spencer was contacted by authorities, but was told that if the ADA changes were a financial burden on the business owner, they were not necessary and did not require additional investigation.

Welch says she will drop the complaint with Trolley Express if investigators can prove that Spencer does not have sufficient funds to make the changes.