Guymon HS Choir wins $10,000 Glee competition

Thanks to the help of the community, the Guymon High School choir program is now $10,000 richer.

Pronews 7 first asked its viewers and readers to vote for the GHS choir in the Glee Give a Note program back in October. The award winning program created a video and entered it into the competition, which was donating $1 million to schools across the country.

Guymon students depicted why they needed additional funds in the humorous video. It showed students jokingly practicing in a restroom and wearing costumes made from trashbags. Click here to see the video.

The winning schools won up to $50,000 and Guymon came in the second place spot. That earned them a whopping $10,000. The hit TV show Glee has shined a fierce spotlight on choir programs and purpose of the Glee Give a Note program was to help struggling choir programs across the nation.

Mrs. Becky Jett, choir director, said the students are beyond excited to receive the money. A committee will now be formed to appropriately decide exactly how the money will be spent.