Gun rights advocates weigh in on 2nd amendment

â??Itâ??s a tool. Itâ??s like a hammer. You know you can pick up a hammer and kill someone with it just as quick as you could a gun. So a gun is a tool. Guns donâ??t kill people, people kill people,â?? said Jared Baker, manager of Long Hunterâ??s gun shop.

Gun advocacy and support in the Panhandle has always been prevalent. To add to that advocacy, local resident Shannon Urton has created a coalition called Second Amendment Sundays to give a platform to businesses who deal with any items involving the Second Amendment.

â??This is what we make our living off of, helping people with their firearms. The second amendment, I believe is very important to people around here and thatâ??s why I think itâ??s a good thing to be a part of,â?? said Baker.

The subject of gun rights and advocacy has been a hot topic statewide since recently, Open Carry Texas members were asked to leave a San Antonio Chiliâ??s restaurant and Sonic. Local gun enthusiasts said they can support the idea of what they are doing, but are not sure the tactics are effective.

â??I think their actions are bringing it to the forefront, but I also think thereâ??s an intimidation factor,â?? said Burnie Stokes, a local gun shop owner. â??I am pro-Second Amendment and I support the push for open carry, but I really think it needs to be careful and be in check. Don't do more harm than good because of their stance.â??

â??I think it can be effective. I think thereâ??s also a lot of danger in turning people off though. Itâ??s a pretty fine line,â?? said Jeff Tormey, local attorney.

Despite being unsure as to whether or not this type of gun activism will be effective, Tormey said the fight for Second Amendments right is still necessary.

â??I think we always need to be aware that there are people who are opposed to gun rights and we need to push back at every opportunity against that, â?? said Tormey.