Gruver HS graduate inspires others to go for their dreams

Right now a recent graduate from Gruver High School is proving hard work and persistence pays off. She went in search of her own college scholarships by knocking on the doors of area businesses. What she got, was way more than expected.

Yadira Mendoza got the surprise of a lifetime. She decided she wanted to pursue a career in welding and wanted to pay for her college herself. So, she started going business to business asking for sponsorships. Pronews 7 is featuring her efforts in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

Yadira started taking an interest in welding after working for Big Dog Construction.

"I guess my parents kind of inspired me because they're really hard workers there whole life so I want to make them proud of me," said Mendoza.

At her job, she started learning the craft of welding, plumbing, and other basic remodeling jobs. It was after an unfortunate accident her brother suffered, her families finances tightened. She knew she wanted to pay for college herself.

"It was to help my parents out because I didn't want to burden them to pay for my school, I wanted to pay for my own school."

"It just started coming together and before too long she had new truck 2015 3500 Chevy all her welders equipment and they painted it all pink," said Andy Johnson, Big Dog Construction.

"It really does mean a lot because most welders have to work their way up to get a welder and their rig and all that stuff. I'm blessed just to have it all at once. I'm going to go in the fall and be certified to be a welder and from then on I'm going to try to get into the pipeline and see where it takes me from there," said Mendoza.

Andy said he hopes Yadira's story inspires other high schoolers to be persistent and knock on doors, because you never know which door will open those opportunities.