Gruver City Manager asks town to get along

Gruverâ??s population is torn on the question of whether to keep their two man police force. Folks say there are a lot of hard feelings because of the controversy. On June 19th, the City Council decided to defer the question to a later time and meanwhile, the City Manager, Steven McKay, says heâ??d like to tone down the rhetoric.

"You know, things are starting to simmer a little bit and I hope itâ??ll keep going. I really think Godâ??s got a big plan for everybody. Gruverâ??s such a good town. I hope everybodyâ??ll just get along."

Meanwhile, the Hansford County Judge, Benny Wilson, says the County has not been contacted to do anything for the city, specifically law enforcement. "I think theyâ??re still trying to decide what theyâ??re going to do.ã?? If they decide to go without their police, Hansford County will be glad to help them in any way."

In fact, Sheriff Tim Glass, a Gruver resident, says, "the Sheriffâ??s Department provides service to everybody in the county. No matter where they live."

McKay says he thinks his Police Department works well with the other law enforcement entities.

The Gruver Mayor did not respond to our request for an interview.