Group prays for girl battling leukemia

As 12-year-old Carla Contreras battles for her life in Dallas, Texas, family and friends home in Amarillo send prayers into the sky.

Tanya Martinez is a friend of the family who helped set up a prayer vigil Saturday at Medical Center Park in Amarillo. She said, "Carla is battling leukemia and some unexpected complications I guess is how you'd describe it, and we are going to petition the heavens for healing."

In May Carla was diagnosed with leukemia, but an unexpected turn on Christmas Eve landed her on an emergency flight to a children's hospital in Dallas. Doctors put her into a coma to help clear the fluid from her lungs, as of now the family wants nothing more than prayers.

"I'm sure that was tragic for their family," Martinez said. "That's not how you want to spend Christmas. Mom and dad are in Dallas by their baby's bed-side praying for a miracle, and her siblings are here waiting for word of a miracle."

This is the first year Carla didn't spend Christmas with her brothers and sisters, and for her brother Carlos Contreras, a miracle is exactly what he's waiting for.

"Carla is a fighter." Carlos said. "She doesn't give up and right now we're sending a lot of prayers to God to be at her side."

Family and friends sent up nearly 100 orange balloons, the color of leukemia awareness.

When asked if Carlos had a message for his sister... "Keep fighting," he said.