Group of lawyers read Declaration of Independence

A group of lawyers are making sure that the American spirit of the rebellion isn't forgotten on this Independence Day. They're celebrating living independent of the government. Across the nation, Criminal Defense Lawyers Associations, have been reading the Declaration of Independence. The one in Amarillo stood on the steps of the Potter County Courthouse.

"What we're here to do is to commemorate the true spirit of July the 4th, the true spirit of Independence Day and that spirit was a spirit of fighting the government which is what we do," said Criminal Defense Lawyer, Jeff Blackburn. "People don't realize what this Declaration really means. This was an act brought about by the people of this country against tyranny and against government, against their government."

Blackburn also said it's important to remember what the Declaration of Independence stands for, Americans taking a stand.

"Our government today we see through the Snowden case and through a lot of other examples of what they're doing. The secrets of what they're trying to maintain the spying on the average citizens that they conduct our government today that's in bad need of resistance," said Blackburn.

This July Fourth, we celebrate the 237th anniversary of our nation, when America's founding fathers adopted the Declaration of Independence and proclaimed America to be a just government, of the people, by the people, and for the people.