Grocery store grief? Amarillo citizens crave more options

The price of groceries made the news on more than on occasion in early 2012. But what folks probably hear less of is how people feel about the selection of grocery stores in their respective areas.

ProNews 7 took to Facebook to see how Amarilloans felt about their selection and the responses were seemingly unanimous: Amarillo needs a wider range of grocery store chains and locations.

"Yes, we need more. Hate WalMart but United is too expensive," said one Facebook viewer. "Where's HEB when you need it?"

Places like HEB, CostCo, Piggly Wiggly and even Trader Joe's were among the top responses viewers listed on Facebook for stores they'd like to see in Amarillo. Many cited reasons like quality of food, pricing and even simply competition for large chains like WalMart and United.

Location of those chains was another hot issue for many commenters. Another viewer commented and said, "I believe we need more grocery stores. At the present time, I have to drive 3/4 of the way across town to get to a store where I like to buy groceries. WalMart may be more convenient but if I want just groceries, I'll make the extra drive."

That very issue of not enough locations is one United Super Markets is hoping to change in the near future.

"We are very much committed to opening another store in Amarillo," said United Super Markets Director of Corporate Communications Eddie Owens. "We've been working on moving in that direction for quite some time. It's not a property that we would be owning or developing ourselves, the location that we're looking at so our being able to move forward is contingent on the deal being done as far as the development of the property is concerned," he added.

United Super Markets has had a presence in Amarillo for more than 40 years. The official announcement on whether or not United will be moving forward with a new location in Amarillo will not be released for several weeks. The location has not been released.