Grief workshop helps those in mourning face the holidays

Almost all of us have lost a loved one at some point in our lives, and the healing process can take a long time. And holidays, which should be some of the happiest and most festive times of year, can be especially painful for those who have recently lost someone. A free workshop at the Baptist Saint Anthony's Hospice this evening (Nov. 7), offered both emotional support and practical advice for those in mourning and those who care. "With the holidays, there's big anticipation, and a lot of people want that holiday to go smoothly and perfectly, and it's not likely it's going to for sure if they are grieving," says hospice counselor Paula Bencini. "There's a lot of anxiety about the holiday, because usually there's a meal involved, and there's that empty chair where that person belongs." Some of the advice includes adapting your holiday traditions to help you accept the loss of your loved one and move on with your life. You can also help others deal with their own grief with simple acts of kindness like doing lawn work or winterizing a car for a friend or neighbor who may not be thinking about everyday chores and responsibilities.