Green Gorilla Smoke Shop owners speak out

Thursday evening the Randall County Sheriffs office confiscated multiple products from the Green Gorilla Smoke Shop with the suspicion that some products may be illegal.

On April 16, 2012 the shop was served with its first search warrant to test a product that was suspected to be K2. The Randall County Sheriff's Office said it received the results testing positive for synthetic marijuana at the end of last week.

That led to the arrest of owner, Paul Woodrell and the serving of a second search warrant, but attorney Randy Sherrod says communication with this case, is a problem.

Woodrell was charged with the possession of a controlled substance, with intent to deliver Penalty Group 2A.The charge came after a substance tested positive for synthetic marijuana.

"In October of 2011 the legislature who is the representative of the people passed legislation that made the possession, sale or distribution or synthetic marijuana illegal," said Joel Richardson Randall County Sheriff.

A search warrant to collect what Randall Sheriffs suspected to be K2 came in April, but Woodrell's attorney, Randy Sherrod said his client did everything possible to comply with the department

"The arrangement I had with the DA office was, instead of us filing a motion and trying to discover what we thought they'd illegally picked up, and trying to determine whether they had probable cause to execute the search warrant, whether this was an illegal substance they were going to send the items that they confiscated in to have tested," said Sh



He and the DA established that in return they would notify him of the results, and if positive his client would stop sales of the product immediately.

Randall County Sheriffs denied knowing about the agreement.

"We can't pick and choose what laws we're going to enforce and not enforce. If the legislature passed legislation, it made synthetic marijuana illegal; we're going to enforce that law," said Richardson.

Sherrod said during the confiscation, Randall County Sheriffs did not log a significant amount of money that was for the payoff of a family vehicle.

"When she pushed them, then they went in and changed the log," said Sh


rrod. "I don't know which one they filed with the court but they hand wrote on ours, even below where they make the marks to show there's nothing below it, they hand wrote on there this large sum of money that had actually been picked up."

Randall County Sheriff's Office says all guidelines were followed during the raid.

"After having looked through the logs, I believe everything to have been logged and checked in correctly and, I guess that's something that a court will determine as far as guilt or innocence or anything else," said Richardson. "I've looked the logs over and I believe those logs to be correct."

Charges on Paul Woodrell from the second warrant served are pending until results for the items collected are analyzed.

"We've never sold any products in our location that could be deemed illegal," said Robin Woodrell, Paul's Wife. "We have children, we have all of this stuff, we're decent people."

The Woodrell's wanted to clarify that if synthetic marijuana is present in their products. They were oblivious. They said all products purchased come with lab test results, and no product match the chemicals of synthetic marijuana.