Greater Southwest Music Festival shuts down

Greater Southwest Music Festival shuts down. (Photo: Greater Southwest Music Festival)

A student-focused music festival has shut down after 46 years in Amarillo.

A board member of the Greater Southwest Music Festival posted to Facebook on Saturday stating, "The rising financial costs to put on a showcase Festival with first-class facilities and highly respected judges, while still keeping entry fees affordable for the schools, made it unfeasible for us to continue."

The executive director told ABC 7 News, the future of the already scheduled festival for 2018 is uncertain.

"I'm hoping that our 2018 will not be cancelled. I hope we can get some financial aid to help us," noted Kathy Fisburn, Greater Southwest Music Festival Executive Director.

The three-day annual event would draw in choir students, bands and orchestras from all over Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico to compete. The last event held in May is estimated to have hosted about 12,000 students.

"There were absolutely no factors besides money," Fishburn said.

The social media post also expressed the board of directors' gratitude for sponsors and groups who have performed throughout the years.

The Greater Southwest Music Festival is a non-profit organization and this year other area non-profits, including educational programs, health and basic needs services, have been dealing with reduced funding, hindering program growth.

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