Grant will expand Medication Cleanout program

T he Texas Panhandle Poison Center will now be able to expand their Medication Cleanout project thanks to a recent grant.

The three year, $300,000 grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration will allow the poison center to expand the Medication Cleanout program, which helps to prevent medication-related poisonings, misuse, abuse, and environmental contamination.

Not only will the grant expand the program it will allow TPPC to continue without having to cut other programs, according to Dr. Jeanie Jaramillo, TPPC managing director.

"As mandated budget cuts have been made, the poison center was approaching a point where we were going to have to either discontinue Medication Cleanout or cut other important poison prevention and education initiatives. In receiving this grant, we will be able to continue established programs as well as the medication take back initiative. These funds will also allow us to expand the program into rural communities within our 71-county service region in addition to our larger urban and suburban areas."

TPPC has scheduled its next Medication Cleanout events for September 25th, in Amarillo and Shamrock.