Grand Jury decides no indictment for Sen. who allegedly caused pregnant mom's death

69th David Green at a press conference

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T he Colorado Senator who is accused of causing the death of a pregnant woman last December has been cleared by a Texas grand jury.

At a press conference Wednesday morning, Hartley County District Attorney said the grand jury declined to indict Colorado Sen. Suzanne Williams in the case.

It was Dec. 26, 2010, when Williams' car veered into oncoming traffic near Channing on U.S. 385. Her car crashed into the car of Brianna Gomez, 30 of Amarillo. Gomez was pregnant and her son, Curran, was delivered by cesarean section. He remained in the hospital for a while but has since returned home.

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Williams told The Associated Press that she was relieved by the announcement that she was not facing charges.

"It has been a horrific experience for the Gomez family and my family," Williams, a staunch advocate of child-restraint laws, said in an interview with The Associated Press. "I continue to keep the Gomez family in my prayers."

Eric Gomez, husband of Brianna, said the grand jury's decision was "unfortunate."

"No matter what I do, no matter how long I stomp my foot it's not going to change the call on the field," said the coach and teacher at Amarillo High School. "And on a larger scale there's nothing I can do to change what the grand jury decided."

According to the AP, he said the family is regrouping and will "see where that leads us."

During the press conference, Green declined to discu ss specifics of the grand jury's deliberat ions but he expressed his sympathy to the Gomez family.

In the car wreck, Williams' 3-year-old grandson was ejected from her vehicle. According to a preliminary crash report, the senator picked up her grandson fro m the road and put him in a child safety seat. The report also shows that while Williams was wearing a seat belt, her 41-year-old son and two grandsons were not.

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Update 11:40a Pronews 7 has learned that the Texas 69th District Grand Jury has decided to return no indictment on the Suzanne Williams case. This means the criminal part of the case is over. Previously reported The Grand Jury is today for Colorado State Senator who allegedly caused a pregnant woman to lose her life last year.

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It's the tragic story of a car accident that took the life of Brianna Gomez who was seven months pregnant. Her pre-mature baby, Curren, remained in critical condition but has since been allowed to come home.

An SUV, driven by Colorado State Senator Suzanne Williams , allegedly veered into oncoming traffic in Dec. 2010, near Channing, authorities said. Her SUV then collided head-on with a vehicle carrying 30-year-old Gomez and her family.

Gomez was killed and her son, Curren, was delivered by cesarean section.

It was back in February when Pronews 7 first reported that District Attorney David Green said he anticipated the case to be presented in April. It will now be presented on the original date of May 18 at 9:00 a.m. This was changed from the planned May 27 Grand Jury which is now canceled.

Green's office said a press conference will follow the Grand Jury trial.

It is believed that Williams could face criminal charges relating to the accident.

This case originally brought the senator under fire because of the fact that passengers of her vehicle were not wearing seat belts.

Inside Williams' vehicle, three passengers, including two children and her adult son, were not wearing seat belts. According to a preliminary crash report , the senator picked up her three-year-old grandson from the road after he was ejected and put him in a child safety seat in her car.

Williams, herself, has pushed for tough child restraint laws.

Pronews 7 will continue to follow this case and bring you the latest.

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