Governor Rick Perry makes a stop in Pampa

G overnor Rick P erry made a visit to Pampa Tuesday afternoon.

H e endorsed Jim Landtroop, who is seeking another term as state representative.

" O ne thing I do pride myself in, is I know the values of rural Texas," said Governor Perry. "The agricultural community, the oil and gas industry, the small businesses in a square, in a community in West Texas and Jim Landtroop clearly understands us."

Governor P erry also discussed the Texas Budget Compact, what he says is made up of five simple solutions for a better Texas.

" W e see the opportunity to kind of hit the reset button in Texas on our budgeting process," Perry said.

F or the eighth year in a row, Texas is ranked as one of the top states for job growth, by CEOs across the country.

B ut Perry sees more room for improvement and Landtroop agrees.

" I t ' s just common sense stuff ," said Landtroop. "D on't spend more than you make and go take much money from a hard working Texas family and spend it the way you want to spend. Let the people keep what they make."

B oth say it i s time for transparency in budgeting and that it i s time to cut back.

Land troop says it i s an honor to have Perry's support.

" W e may not agree on every single issue, no two single people do. But on this issue of budget we do."

P erry added before he left that the main goal is to keep Texas on track.

" T o continue to be not just the best place to live and raise a family but to truly put us at that new level ," he said. "W here the message is loud and clear. If you want to live in the land of opportunity you come to Texas."