Governor Perry visits Amarillo

Governor Rick Perry paid a visit to Amarillo Tuesday for a ceremonial signing of House Bill 1 (42nd Regular Session) and Senate Bill 2 (42nd Special Session) both of which relate to the 2012-2013 state budget.

Governor Perry spoke about balancing the budget without raising taxes, allocating more than half of the state funds to education, and preserving six billion dollars in the state's Rainy Day Fund.

He also took time to answer the question many are asking.

The question that comes to many minds is whether or not Perry will be running for President of the United States, and that of course was the first question at today's press conference.

"It's moving ahead and we continue to get calls across the country to be engaged and to make the run, but the other side of it is I'm not going to embarrass myself and or our supporters," said Perry.

Perry also wouldn't give a time frame when he would make a decision.

"If and when we do make that decision, it will be based on really solid information that this is the time and the right thing for us."

State Representative Four Price thinks a decision could be made in the next month or so, "I think that he's positioned himself to make that decision if he decided to do it, but as you heard him say today that he would only do that based on the best information and if he thought he could do it in a way that wouldn't embarrass him, the state or anyone else and it would be worthwhile. So I think we'll probably know in the next 30 days."

Tuesday wasn't all about the possibility of Perry running for President; he also took the time to praise the efforts of job creation in Texas.

"It's the efforts of Texas entrepreneurs whether it's an innovative small business owner or you're part of a larger more established job creator, it's truly a part of the success we've enjoyed in Texas."

Perry said it's their job as state leaders to do everything that they can to maintain the economic climate in which businesses of all sizes can flourish and grow.

Representative Price said one of the challenges in balancing the budget was the pressure to use more of the Rainy Day fund, but it was important to use what they needed, to pay existing bills, but not spend saving account dollars for the next biennium budget needs. As for Perry's Presidential run, only time will tell.