Governor Perry Update:Perry will publicly announce when booking date is set

Governor will publicly announce when booking date is set.

Governor Rick Perryâ??s attorneys said Monday the governor will publicly announce when he will be booked on abuse of power charges.

The Texas governor was indicted Friday on two felony charges of coercion and abuse of power.

The indictment comes after Perry called for the Travis County District Attorney, Rosemary Lehmberg. Lehmberg was arrested for a D.U.I after blowing three times the legal limit. When Lehmberg refused, Perry said to veto $7.5 million in state funds to the public integrity unit. On Sunday, Perry defended his veto.

According to Dr.Jean Stuntz, a West Texas A&M history professor, she said Governor Perry is one of the most powerful governors Texas has seen, and she said itâ??s his long time position since 2000 is a contributing factor.

â??One of the things that people say about Perry is because heâ??s been governor longer than anyone is that he appointed most people in Texas government,â?? Stuntz said.

Dr. Brian Farmer ,an Amarillo College social science professor, said Perryâ??s right to cut the District Attorneyâ??s funding is completely legal, but he said the department heâ??s doing it to is the issue.

â??Heâ??s going after a political opponent so Democrats are calling it an abuse of power,â?? Farmer said.

As far as the state, Stuntz said Texans will move on.

â??We had a governor indicted and a governor impeached. Texas goes on,â?? Stuntz said.

Both Stuntz and Farmer said this most likely wonâ??t hurt him in his possible 2016 presidential campaign.

They do say the indictment will come up.

â??Democrats will probably hold it against him. Republicans probably will see it as a political ploy by the Democrats,â?? Farmer said.

There is not an arrest warrant for Governor Perry. A Texas judge asked for a summons. This means Perryâ??s legal team will figure out a convenient date for governor, and will then be sent a summons letter.