Government shutdown continues and veterans go unpaid

Itâ??s day sixteen of the government shutdown and there is no shortage of people that are feeling the impact. The men and women who have risked their lives for this country are among the affected.

â??Itâ??s like earning a paycheck and not receiving it,â?? said Chistopher Grepo.

Grepo is a Navy veteran and a full time student at West Texas A&M University. He has not been receiving his disability and vocational rehabilitation benefits.

He is one of 5.1 million veterans that might not get paid on Nov. 1.

â??Itâ??s not like these things are handed to me because I refuse to work. This is because Iâ??m a disabled veteran. I served my country, I served my time. These are things that I've earned,â?? Grepo said.

A single dad of three, he faces choosing between his education and providing for his family.

He explained his situation to Edes Meats and was hired on the spot. Grepo is supposed to graduate this December but might have to extend his studies.

Many have been calling for action n but there have been few improvements for veterans.

â??Providing them with the benefits they earned after suffering injuries in combat. paying them the pensions they need to cover their rent, their utilities, their food. and guarantee the assistance they rely on to stay off the streets or in some cases to stay alive,â?? said Congressman Elijah Cummings, (D-MD).

With no answers, Grepo and millions of other veterans simply wait.