Got downed tree limbs? No problem

The snow storm is leaving more then just slush and ice behind. Tree limbs swollen with the white stuff have been snapping all over the city, scattering debris across roads and yards.

In fact, a woman who lives in the 3900 block of Westlawn called Pronews 7 to say a 50 ft. tree in her yard snapped in three, blocking the road. There are also reports of blocked roads in the Wolflin area, and several downed limbs around the Amarillo College campus on Washington.

Donna Makkhavane with the City of Amarillo said there are crews are out, trying to clear blocked roadways and pushing the limbs off to the sides of the road.

So when you get out to clean up the mess in your area, where are you going to take the downed limbs?

The City of Amarillo has three chipping sites where you can drop off your load.

According to the City of Amarillo website, those are located at Broadway and Hastings; Eastern and S.E. 34th; and 7500 S. Soncy.

The material is ground up to wood chips on site, free for public pickup and use.

For more information, call (806)378-6813.