Goody's doors forced shut

A flier for the Orange County Chopper raffle to benefit the troops.

UPDATE: Dave Goodwin contacted Pronews 7 with this statement:

"We are getting everything resolved the chopper and raffle has nothing to do with the store," Goodwin said.


The Texas comptroller issued a lien on the Goody's World Famous Popcorn store at the Westgate Mall for nonpayment of taxes on Wednesday. The doors are shut, but the Goody's Charitable Foundation raffle continues.

You may remember a shiny, custom Orange County chopper for raffle displayed at the store last year to benefit the troops. The chopper is to be raffled off May 31, 2014. Luan Martin of American Supports You Texas says the store and foundation's owner, Dave Goodwin, reassured her Tuesday to still sell tickets.

"I have been assured that the Orange County chopper custom made motorcycle that is made for Goody's is still intact, it's still going on," Martin said. "Raffle tickets can still be bought for the chopper. That is with Goody's Charitable Foundation, which is a completely different entity than the business. So I've been reassured that that's okay."

Martin says the terms of the raffle state if a minimum of 6,400 tickets are not sold, the money will be refunded to those who have purchased tickets.

Pronews 7 tried to contact Goodwin, but was unsuccessful. Martin says that Goodwin did tell her he fully supports America Supports You Texas and should have the store closure resolved soon.

Martin says Goody's has worked with American Supports You Texas, donating hundreds of bags of popcorns to troops overseas. So when she heard about the doors closing, she felt sad for the troops and for Goodwin. She says Goody's popcorn was the number one request by the troops.

The Goody's Popcorn store in Lubbock is not owned by Goodwin.