Goody's at the ballpark

Goody's World Famous Popcorn is now being sold in some concessions for the Texas Rangers at Rangers Stadium in Arlington.

The popcorn chain, which opened in December, specializes in uniquely flavored popcorns. From old classics like caramel and kettle corn, to lesser known bubble gum and Goody's favorite dill pickle.

"Always wanted to do something with sports," said Taylor Doss, Goody's manager, "all they have is buttered popcorn at sports arenas, we wanted to make it fun and exciting."

But the chain is spreading beyond Arlington, with plans to open a second store in Lubbock, not to mention negotiations with the Dallas Mavericks.

"Of course caramels and kettle corns are really good," said Doss, "but when you throw a fruit loop at em, they kind of get etchy until you let them try it. Once they try it, they're definitely gonna buy it."