Good samaritans save the day and stop grassfire

Motorists smile as they helped extinguish a fire Wednesday morning. / Coutesy Bryce Looney

It's a prime example of the Panhandle Spirit.

It's a normal Wednesday morning, driving down Interstate 27, you see a grass fire ignite. What do you do?

For some drivers Wednesday morning, the answer was simple. Stop, help and extinguish the fire.

It happened just after 11:00 a.m. off Interstate 27 and exit 111 just past Buffalo Stadium Road. Drivers tell Pronews 7 they saw a fire ignite causing nearby motorists to pull over and douse it with water bottles they had in the car.

"I saw the fire start," said Bryce Looney who was traveling through the area. "Seconds later, people were stomping and dousing it with water."

The Randall County Sheriff's Office said the good samaritans had the fire put out before they even arrived!

"It was so amazing to see people come together like that," Looney added.

Pronews 7's Meredith Keller contributed to this report.