Good problems: Dealing with growth in Canyon

Canyon city offices are bursting at the seams.

After about 40 year in the same building city officials are looking at either renovating or finding more office space.

Just east of the Randall County Courthouse, Jeremy and Lori Johnson run Modern Cleaners and they say they'd like to see that building used for Canyon City offices.

"No sense in that big building, beautiful builsing sitting vacant and I understand the city is busting at the seams right now as it is and we'ce got a perfectly good building sittin ghere and no one is using it," said Jeremy.

And that's one possibility that City Manager Randy Criswell says could be on the table as they start looking for ways to expand.

"The analysis and feasability studies and cost estimates prepared, and personally, I think it's time to make a decision."

He said it could be months before anything is decided and either way, there are going to be costs involved, which probably means there could be tax increases involved.

"Tax dollars will have to do it whatever it is. the city council will have to make the decisions.

And that could mean higher taxes,--something Jeremy says he's prepared to deal with when it comes to his city growing.

"As a business owner if its occupied I think it will help my business tremendously, but you know we always worry about taxes good grief."

"Growing pains are good pains, that's a good hurt."

Criswell added there might be some money from the Texas Historic Commission, but that's still a long way off and will have to be pursued iof they decided to go that route.