Golf marathon to raise money for Gomez family

A fund has been set up at Happy State Bank for Curran Blaec Gomez and his family. Curran is the newborn whose mother, Brie Gomez died after a head-on collision on Highway 385 south of Channing on December 26. Brie was seven months pregnant, and Curran had to be delivered by emergency cesarean section, and he remains in critical condition.

You can donate to the Gomez Family Fund at the Happy State Bank branch on Soncy.

Also, the girl's golf coach at Amarillo High, Mike Self, will be holding a fundraiser for the Gomez family. Brie Gomez's husband Eric, is a coach and teacher at Amarillo High.

Self will be playing a maximum of 100 holes of golf at Comanche Trail Golf Complex in one day. The fundraiser will be held the week of January 17-23.

Self is asking for donations based on the number of pars, birdies, and/or eagles he makes during the 100 holes played.

An example would be as follows: Birdies made- 10 X $1= $10 and/orEagles made- 1X$20=$20 and/orPars made-60X.25=$15

A donation can also be made based on the number of holes Self plays. An official score keeper will be with the golf coach as he plays the holes. Self currently has a 2 handicap. Holes played-100 X .25=$25

All money raised will go to the trust fund set up at Happy State Bank for baby Curran Gomez. Checks can be made payable to that fund.

If you would like to donate you can email Mike Self at He will send out a follow up email with the results of his golf marathon.

Checks payable to: The Curran Blaec Gomez trust fund. Please mail checks to 3405 Rutson Dr., 79109. You may also deliver your donation to Happy State Bank.