Golf is all the rage this weekend in Hereford

Herefordâ??s known for a lot of thingsâ?¦agriculture, cattle. How about tourism?

The City of Hereford is landscaping around the Jim Pitman Municipal Golf Course Friday in preparation for the weekendâ??s huge tournament.

The Tierra Blanca Golf Classic has grown in the last decade.

Mike Mauldin, CEO of First Financial Bank says, "About ten years ago a group of men and women from Hereford decided we wanted to have a premier golf tournament in Hereford.ã?? So We started the Tierra Blanca Classic. It started big and itâ??s grown to what it is today."

There are 122 teams competing this year. One groupâ??s from Las Vegas, Nevada.ã?? Another sponsor is from Michigan. City officials say itâ??s a great boon to Hereford tourism.

Sid Shaw of the Chamber of Commerce says, "Tourism is everything in Hereford because it brings people in to eat in restaurants, people buy gasoline, people shop and they do all kinds of things. Weâ??re a well-rounded community and we just enjoy having folks here."

Saturday Morning the rounds start at 7:30. The Afternoon rounds begin at 1:30.