Golden Spread Farmers Market gears up for fall produce

Early morning shoppers make their way to the Golden Spread Farmers Market to buy fresh produce.

A farmersâ?? market is not only a great way to support local farmers in the Panhandle region, but another way community members can augment their health by picking up fresh produce that was only picked the day before.

The farmers and producers of the Golden Spread Market bring with them various seasonal fruits and vegetables all grown here in the Panhandle. Anything they bring to the market, they must grow themselves in the region, so the produce is native to this area. For that reason, residents will not be finding oranges or pineapples at the market any time soon. But they are guaranteed freshness and quality.

â??It is picked the day before so all your nutrients are going to be there. Our things are not picked a week ahead of time. You lose a lot of flavor, a lot of nutrient in that time frame,â?? said Denise Brinkman, a local farmer.

Brinkman said that meeting the farmer in person allows residents to ask questions about their food, the way it was grown, and how long it will be in season. Despite what may be seen in large supermarkets, certain foods and produce are seasonal even though they seem to be constantly available in those larger stores.

â??Itâ??s an educational thing teaching people where their food comes from and it doesnâ??t just come from the grocery store, it actually comes from plants. Having a farmers market is so good for the community health wise,â?? agreed Austin Kimbrell.

According to the farmers, each year can be different and therefore each market, each week, and each month can be a little different than the last. This season, early summer produce is going to last a bit longer since many farmers experienced hail damage early on and had to replant squashes, cucumber, and tomatoes. But eventually, as things begin to cool for the fall season, farmers will change and the shift to fall produce will begin with apples, pumpkins and winter squashes becoming more prominent.

All of the farmers for the Golden Spread Farmers Market grown their own produce and come from within 150 miles of Amarillo. The market runs every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and will continue to run until the first freeze of the year.

Below are the details of the Golden Spread Farmers Market or you can look at the website here:

Location: 15th & Pecos in the Sunset Center parking lot
Hours: 7am until we are sold out
Days: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday