Global leadership expert come to Amarillo

The American Advertising Federation of Amarillo hosted their bi-monthly meeting for local business owners Wednesday afternoon.

The AAF asked global leadership and emotional intelligence expert, Chuck Inman, to present "Nimble-How to Lead Above the Turmoil of Change".

Inman said that through his 5-step process, business owners will be able to have more focus, connect with coworkers and clients effectively, initiate commitment, and increase productivity.

"First is create a view. Understand where you're going and why you're going there. The second is to reach for help. The third thing is to take ownership. Take ownership of the resources around you and put those into action to work the best for you," said Inman.

According to Inman, 4th and 5th steps help business professionals look toward the future and adapt to growth. "The fourth is to create a blueprint, a blueprint of where you're going. The fifth is transition into new habits, new habits that are going to be able to allow you to react to change, react to things that go on with the economy and react with growth."


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ohansson said
that technology has created an immediate response in the way small business owners approach daily operations. "Changes come on a daily basis because our world has gotten so much closer through the internet, through social media, and so you deal with change minute to minute now, instead of year by year," said Johansson.

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