Giving thanks for the High Plains Food Bank

The High Plains Food Bank is a nonprofit organization the city of Amarillo is lucky to have living within its borders. Not only do Potter and Randall benefit greatly from their charitable work, communities all over the Texas Panhandle depend on their kindness and hard work to feed their citizens in need.

According to Zack Wilson, High Plains Food Bank Executive Director, last year about 9,000 lbs of food were distributed every month, with 60% of the inventory venturing outside the city limits of Amarillo. Why? The HPFB folks refer to certain areas of the Panhandle as "food deserts," in other words, small communities where a grocery store is hard to get to, or is simply too far for the elderly or those in need to attempt to visit. To respond to this need volunteers work around the clock to pack 35lb box family packs. Inside these brown boxes are blessings for those who would otherwise go without. These family packs contain cereal, dry goods, and canned foods. Canned products are ironically what the HPFB is in most need of. According to the staff canned food donations are running very low recently, along with meats, and paper products.

The food bank's focus is to not only feed the Panhandle, but to nourish those in need with healthy, organic produce through their community garden project. The year round garden grows fresh vegetables, herbs, even pumpkins. It's the perfect place for volunteers to learn about the organic garden process, and also educates the locals on the health benefits of a nutrient rich diet.

With the holiday season upon us we tend to think of those without, but please remember the High Plains Food Bank needs our help all year long to make sure the Panhandle a place for all to thrive.