Girl Scouts celebrate 100 years

Girl Scouts, old and new, got their groove on Monday evening during a special 100th Anniversary Girl Scout Birthday Party.

To celebrate, scouts from across the area gathered at Westgate Mall for the party that kicked off with a flash mob. All that dancing was followed by the reciting of the Girl Scout Promise and songs. One troop leader said 100 years of helping young girls grow and learn is something to be proud of and something they'll spend the whole year celebrating.

"The Girl Scouts are a huge organization within our community," said Troop Leader Pamela Layton. "It allows the girls to be sisters with each other, to get involved in community activities. There's also activities that we're going to do through the year to celebrate the 100th anniversary so it's not just today, it's ongoing for the full year."

If you're still wondering about the cookies, good news! They've extended the selling season a few weeks. You have until Sunday, March 18 to grab your favorites.