Girl Scout Ranch closes gates to local bikers

Local mountain bikers may have to find another trail to ride after Girl Scout Ranch closed its gates last week.

The trails also known as the Pitcher Pump Hike and Bike Ranch is just one of two local trails that mountain bikers can use.

Last fall, the ranch announced that they were going to be doing different things with their property council, including selling portions of their property said Dugan Holt, property manager for the western part of Girls Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains Council. Selling the property was in efforts to raise money and update facilities.

100 acres was sold to the Presbyterian Home for Children last week which changed the rules of the ranch for bikers.

"As a result of selling it, it was no longer our property and we decided to close the gate there because we didn't have right to grand access any longer," said Holt.

The ranch and the Presbyterian Home for Children have not yet discussed the future of the ranch or what will happen with the trails.

"It's not something we have done at this time so I can't say or promise that they're going to open back up," said Holt. "The situation is very much different than what it was."

Presbyterian Home for Children assures bikers that they have no plans on keeping the trail closed according to their President, Darrin Murphy.

"We really don't have extensive plans. Our plans are to keep it open to the public and to keep it open for bikers to use."

Both parties said they plan to meet soon to talk about the next steps. In the meantime, bikers will just have to wait it out and hope they come to some sort of an agreement.

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