Giant elephant to appear at Caprock High School prom


here will be a giant guest at Caprock High School's prom next weekend.

Here's a hint, it's gray, has tusks, and is commonly seen in a zoo.

Give up? It's an elephant, of course, and don't worry it's not a real one.

But it certainly is life-size. The shop and art students have been busy working to craft something like that.

It's this week's Region 16 Spotlight Education report.

"Elephants are critical to good luck around the world. So I talked to Mr. Kennedy who's our art teacher and I was like, is there anyway you can build me an elephant? And I was thinking kind of a 2D large," said Jennifer Garner, Caprock High School Teacher.

But little did she know, Mr. Kennedy, an art teacher and Mr. Davis, the shop teacher, and their students were working around the clock to create a very close to true to life elephant.

"With the help of the students and then of course, the two of us, we were able to step by step problem solve and figure out what is the best approach to completing a project like this," said Shawn Kennedy, Caprock High School Teacher.

"We had the big picture of a big elephant and we didn't really know how we were going to achieve it or how we were going to build it," said Danny Davis.

A project none of them have ever dreamed of trying to accomplish. All it took was few materials and the students' creativity and skills.

"From the wood sum structure to the paper machete, and plastic chicken wire and stucko. Of course we air brushed the paint using airless compressor and typical spray paint," said Kennedy.

A little texturing and, voila, a giant elephant.

"It's been a real intense project. I saw it when it was just the skeletal wood and that was it and I was like, wow, this totally looks like an elephant and then once they had everything else put on it so it was like it had skin, it was pretty incredible," said Nora, Caprock High School Student.

The elephant will make its debut at Caprock's prom next weekend. Students, and yes, even parents will be able to take their pictures with the elephant, who now, understandably, has quite a following.

After the prom, the school is hoping to donate the elephant either to the zoo or museums around town.