Getting rid of all those broken tree branches

As you well know, the recent snowstorm left behind many broken tree limbs all over the city. In fact, you can still see the aftermath in many neighborhoods as people continue to clean up the debris left behind on Friday.

If you were wondering what you should do with all those broken tree limbs, the city says it's your responsibility to clear them. The city isn't planning a formal pick-up which means you will have to dispose of any storm related debris on your property.

The city's street department has removed tree branches and limbs from streets to keep them passable. City crews have also laid any damaged branches or limbs from trees located on private property behind the curb.

The solid waste crews continue to work as fast as they can to collect the tree limbs and branches that have been placed in the alleys. Residents are asked to place tree debris in the alley behind their property and not by the dumpsters.

The branches can also be taken to one of the city's three chipping sites. The material is ground up to wood chips on site and is free for public pickup and use.

The Brush/Tree Limb Collection sites are located at: Broadway and Hastings Eastern and S.E. 34th 7500 S. SoncyIf you have questions, please call (806) 378-6813.

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