Get spooked safely this Halloween

It's a time to be spooky and get spooked!

The Amarillo Police Department says you can still have a frightening good time this Halloween and avoid some scary problems at the same time.

"Probably the biggest concern is just the child's safety. It'll be a busy night. Fortunately it's not on a Friday or Saturday which kind of gives us more calls fort service so it'll be somewhat of a busy night," said Corporal Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department. We just want the kids to get out there and have fun but be safe."

Before you let all those candy-munching ghosts, princesses and quarterbacks hit the trick-or-treat trail, there are a few tips APD hopes you'll keep in mind.

"Children don't need to be out there walking through the neighborhood, six and eight year olds by themselves. So we always want a parent to go with them. Take a flashlight with you," added Neufeld. "Definitely only go to places that you know."

Another important thing to remember, only trick-or-treat at houses that have their porch lights or front lights on. Neufeld also encouraged wearing reflective materials , walking on the sidewalks and even cautioned against some of those extravagant costumes.

"You don't want a big mask because that really cuts down on their peripheral vision so that they get out of a car, they're getting ready to cross the street, they really have tunnel vision because they can't see one side of the other," said Neufeld. "So something with makeup on would be better than a mask that kind of blocks their view as well."

As hard as it might be, it's also safer to keep your hands off the candy until you get home, to make sure none has been tampered with or already opened.

"Then, knock yourself out", added Neufeld.

S tay alert, keep these tips in mind and you sure to have a spook-filled, but danger-free Halloween.