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      Get Fit donates proceeds to the Bridge Children's Advocacy Center

      Runners crowd the starting line for Get Fit's most popular run 'Cold as Ice.'

      Get Fit celebrated its fifth annual Cold as Ice race with a record breaking number of runners.

      N early 370 runners participated in this year's run. Participants had the choice of running the 5K,10K or walking for one mile around the Woflin neighborhood.

      P roceeds from the race will go to the Bridge Children's Advocacy Center.

      Get Fit Owner Karen Roberts said, "O ne thing we're filling a need for is the runners, because they enjoy it. They love to compete. They love to get out on a beautiful day like today and just have fun, and then we're filling a need in our community because we're helping donate money to a great cause for children."

      Get Fit's H ot Blooded race will be held in July.