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      Georgia father indicted for hot car death

      CNN --

      There will be a trial in the case of a father accused of leaving his son to die in a hot car.

      Justin Ross Harris is facing eight charges, including murder and child cruelty, in the June death of his toddler son Cooper.

      Now prosecutors are building their case against Harris, and hinting at another arrest.

      The indictment against Harris includes three charges of murder including malice murder. It the state of Georgia, it does not get more serious than that and it opens the doors to the death penalty.

      "Whether or not the state seeks the death penalty in this case will be made decision wise on or before the arraignment date in the next two to three weeks," said Cobb County DA Vic Reynolds.

      Meanwhile, the attorney defending Harris says and maintains that his client is innocent and that the murder charges are not the only confusing but they are adding to the anguish of a broken man.

      "The truth is Cooper's death was a horrible, gut wrenching accident. It was always an accident," said Maddox Kilgore, Harris' attorney.

      It all goes back to June 18 when Harris says he absent mindedly forgot to take his 22-month-old son to daycare. Instead, leaving him strapped in the back of the family SUV in the parking lot of his office for nearly seven hours on a brutally hot day.

      Cooper died and his father maintains that it was a terrible accident.

      Police began to suspect it was something far more sinister than that. They say they found searches online by the father in which he was looking into deaths of children in hot cars and what temperature that might occur.

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      Then at a hearing they revealed that he was kind of living a double life online - a sexually charged one, communicating with a number of different women. They implied that he wanted to be single again, and that he was sexting and sending lewd photographs on the day that his child was dying.

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      So which version is the truth here? It appears that it will be decided by a jury.