Gas prices drive people to other transportation

According to GasBuddy, the average price for a gallon of gas in Amarillo is now $3.58, and the price is driving some people to find other ways to get around town..

The Amarillo City Transit offers public transportation for people at a price much lower than what is paid at the pump.

"It is 75 cents, which is a real bargain when you consider the cost of fuel and tags and insurance and a car payment," Public Transportation Department General Manager Judy Phelps stated. "It's quite a bargain. And you also get a free transfer, so if it takes you two buses to reach your destination, that second bus- you present that transfer in lieu of the fare and you're able to complete your trip."

Though the number of people taking the bus is not high, the number of times they each ride the bus is, and Phelps said she expects more people to hop on board as gas prices continue to increase. During the 2009-2010 fiscal year, there were nearly 331,000 one-way trips on the the transit's fixed route service and more than 29,000 on its Spec-Trans service.

"Explore it," Phelps advised. "Call (806) 378-3095. Our dispatchers will be happy to get information about the itinerary planner and to help them figure out if public transportation may work, maybe not for all of their trips but for some of their trips ."

Some people are going for a more daring mode of transportation, and Sharp's Motorsports has seen more of these people visiting the store with the increasing trend of gas prices.

"A scooter, typically, the smaller ones hold about a gallon of fuel and they'll run about 100 miles on a gallon," Sharp's Motorsports Co-Owner Keevin Sharp said. "Then, we have some bigger scooters that are capable of highway speeds that hold more like two to three gallons and they'll get even 90 miles to the gallon."

For those who want to cruise on two wheels and want a little more speed, Sharp said motorcycles also get good gas mileage.

"Some of the medium to larger-sized motorcycles hold about four to five gallons of fuel and they'll get roughly 40 to 50 miles per gallon. And the economy is great, also the performance is incredible."

Whether people choose to go with the bus, a scooter, a motorcycle or decide to stick with their car, the fact is that gas will not stay at $3.58 per gallon for too long. So, consider getting to the pump now- who knows what price tomorrow will bring?