Galveston hotel security guard assisted by Randall Co. Deputy after being shot dies

23-year-old Phillip Mollis, a Galveston hotel security guard who was assisted by a Randall County Deputy after being shot while on patrol in Galveston has died. (Photo courtesy of Randall County Sheriff's Office Facebook page)

The hotel security guard that Randall County Sheriff's Deputy, Lt. Tommy Bushek, assisted after being shot in Galveston has died.

According to the Randall County Sheriff's Office, 23-year-old Phillip Mollis, a security guard at a Galveston hotel, died from his injuries after being shot six times on Monday, April 10.

When the shooting happened, Bushek was attending a conference at the hotel. He heard the gunfire and ran toward the area, where he found Mollis suffering from the gunshot wounds. Bushek called for assistance and immediately started performing life-saving procedures on Mollis until other first responders arrived at the scene.

Galveston police said Mollis was investigating a suspicious group of people in a parking lot when at least one person opened fire on him.

When the incident was first reported to ABC 7 Amarillo on Wednesday, April 12, Mollis was reportedly in critical but stable condition.

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