Future doctors display research

The tight hallways of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine are jammed with research projects.

There are 68 of them, in fact, the most ever presented.

Medical students are presenting their projects Wednesday, and they run the gamut of medical possibilities, from medical procedures to the effects of synthetic marijuana.

Thomas Hale, a school administrator says, "These are case reports of cases theyâ??ve seen. Many of them are research projects that have been carried on throughout the year. Itâ??s our way of showing all the academic work we do here."

Students like the communication experience the process demands. Student Helen Wong says, "Having us do these poster presentations, you meet so many doctors from many fields who arenâ??t necessarily familiar with what youâ??re presenting. So you get to practice how to present your case to different audiences."

Dr. Richard Jordan, the Dean of the School of Medicine says, "These young people put out more research this year than ever before and understanding research is important for their career down the line."

Students who presented the best research, as judged by the faculty, received cash prizes.