Fritch tackles financial issues

Tuesday night the Fritch City Council will consider merging their EMS with Hutchinson County EMS.

Theyâ??re hoping it will save them money, considering theyâ??ve already laid off their three EMS personnel.

The city has been struggling financially since a few high level city officials resigned and a Texas Ranger fraud investigation continues.

Acting City Manager John Horst, of Texas First Group, that provides interim management to cities that need it, is trying to tackle the problem he inherited.

The IRS is requesting more than $93,000 in employment taxes.

The recent water issue came to $30,000 for a new pump and motor.

With other expenses theyâ??re in the red more than $433,000.

The city has reduced staff, increased the tax rate and Horst says theyâ??re getting into better shape, particularly with vendors.

He says theyâ??re also making progress on repaying the certificate of obligation on which they defaulted.

In terms of the fraud investigation involving former city employees, Horst says, "Our District Attorney has contacted the Attorney Generalâ??s office and at some point theyâ??ll do more fraud auditing."