Fritch student: 'Tonight I just want to dance'

Just one of 42 students to lose everything during the Fritch fire, Christa White held back tears to smile a few hours before her senior prom.

It's been a week of total shock, and confusion for many, but throw in separation from her family for White.


y mom's staying here in
Amarillo, because my grandma's in the hospital, and my dad's staying with my aunt in Stinnett and I'm staying with a friend," White said.

After a day of shifting through nothing but ashes, once her home, White found one priceless item she said she'll cherish forever.

"My senior ring," White said. "Part of it was melted, but it's the only thing I found."

Being a senior and just weeks away from graduation, White said it's been nothing but a nightmare for her family and everyone else in Fritch. Looking toward the future White plans to attend West Texas A&M University, but for now, "I'm just taking it one day at a time, that's all you can really do," she said.

Tonight, students from Fritch High School will use prom as a way to clear their minds, set havoc and heartache aside, to have a good time.


etting a break and just not having to think about everything that's really what it's all about

," White said.