Fritch resident: 'We're lucky'

Hutchinson County Sheriff's Department will begin to let residents in at 10 a.m. starting at Fritch Fortrewss Road.

Fritch residents will return to their homes for the first time since the Fritch fire broke out Sunday.

But according to Hutchinson County Sheriff's Department it will be conducted in an orderly fashion.

"There will only be one way in and one way out," Hutchinson County Sheriff James Qualls said. "We only want residents for this first group.

Qualls said once residents have a chance to see their homes, or what's left, they then can bring in friends and family members.

"They need a chance to just be alone," Qualls said. "There has been a lot of destruction." For Norman Willingham, he's already seen the aftermath of the Fritch fire.

"We're.....we're lucky," Willingham said. "Our house is still standing, I don't know how."

The Texas A&M Forest Service has been holding two meetings a day, at the City Hall in Fritch., and every one one of those meetings hasn't had an empty seat. Willingham and his wife have gone two days without not knowing what had come of their home.

"I didn't know what to expect, but I had to go back there and check, my wife had been without her medication for two days," Willingham said.

Texas Rangers escorted some residents, Willingham being one, to their homes if they needed to retrieve medication or feed their pets. "The grass never even got synched, that fire went up to the street and stopped at my house," Willingham said.

For the remaining residents they'll find out Wednesday the true destruction of the Fritch fire. Hutchinson County Sheriff's Department said every resident will need identification, with proof of their physical address, "If not they'll be turned away," Qualls said.