Fritch Fire update; morning & afternoon

Residents packed Fritch City Hall this morning and afternoon hoping to get answers about their home and when they would be able to return. Many expressed frustration about the lack of information or a confirmed time for return.

Updates at this morningâ??s meeting are listed below:

-SPS is on scene clearing up the utilities and down power lines. There are 91 crew members working on the area

-There was NO forward progress overnight in the fire. The acreage the fire has affected still stands at 2,583 acres. Containment as of 10 am this morning was 75%.

-Anyone with immediate needs, like medication or pets can contact the Sheriffâ??s office or police department to be taken to their homes

At this morningâ??s meeting, the regional fire coordinator, Troy Duchenaux, the Hutchinson County Sheriff, Don Johnson, and TX State Senator, Kel Seliger, were all present for this morningâ??s meeting, fielding questions and asking residents for patience. Johnson said that they hoped to get residents in to their homes by this afternoon, but he could not guarantee anything.

Residents lined up at the law enforcement command post to be taken to their homes for those emergency needs. Some expressed nervousness, like John Bambalere, expressed their nervousness about returning to their home for the first time.

â??Itâ??s very, very emotional, especially here because my wife is handicapped and one of the main reasons Iâ??m going back is because of her wheelchair. We have very, very little notice. The fire was not even a half mile away from us, so I had to get her out in the car, the only wheelchair I could get was her old one,â?? said Bambalere.

Rosemary Gresham, who received confirmation from a source that her home was lost, said the feeling was surreal and empty.

â??You know when they evacuated us, I just thought that we were going to be able to go right back. I never dreamed that we would lose everything,â?? said Gresham.

Updates will be continuing throughout the day and night as more information is provided.