Fritch begins the road to recovery

To help victims of the Fritch Fire, a team of local organizations connected through the VOAD, or Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster, opened a resource center at 408 South Ridgeland as one-stop-shop for people affected by the fire.

The MARC, which stands for Multiple Agency Resource Center, is where people who were impacted by the fire in Fritch can come and get help from such agencies like the Salvation Army, Red Cross, and regional churches who will assist with spiritual help. Pronews 7 spoke Andrea Patton of the High Plains Food Bank who set up this resource center.

â??As a member of the VOAD or Volunteer Organizations active in disaster, I activated the VOAD to help the people of Fritch through this disaster,â?? said Andrea Patton, who set up the MARC.â?? All of these people can come to our center, and weâ??ll be open until eight oâ??clock tonight and tomorrow as well.â??

Pronews 7 spoke with a number of authorities who came from all over the state to help put out the fire, and they talked about the transition to normal operations that are taking place right now in the city of Fritch.

â??Weâ??re getting into the final transition, and itâ??s been a constant transition since day one, but weâ??re now tapering or backing offâ?? said Chief Adams of the Hutchinson County Fire Department. â??I believe weâ??re saying that we have 90% control of the fire at this point, and weâ??re going to start working to get everyone back home.â??

The High Plains food bank is also helping out by giving families who visit the MARC a complimentary snack box. If you have been affected by the fire, the resource center will be open tomorrow from 2pm-8pm.