Fritch Aldermen choose a new city manager

Fritch Alderman choose new city manager

Fritch Aldermen said residents will see a new city manager after choosing one during their meeting on Tuesday.

Fritch Alderman Richard Hein said they hired Steve McKay , the former city manager for Gruver.

Hein said they had several people interested in the position.

â??We had around 12 applicants,â?? Hein said.

Hein said they had several qualifications they were looking for such as education, but because of the past alleged misappropriation of city funds, their top priority was experience.

Hein said this is something McKay brought to the table.

â??Last night, we did more interviews and chose Steve. He was the city manager in Gruver, and has 10 years of being a city manager,â?? Hein said.

We spoke to residents to find out what concerns they have about the city. They all agreed on the water surcharge issue.

â??Iâ??m not pleased with the extra charges on our water bills,â?? Fritch resident Debra McKinney said.

"I think the surcharge that the taxpayers are having to pay because the last management were thieves, that's bogus," Fritch resident Ty Hensler said.

Hein said the chances of taking away the surcharge is low because that goes toward paying off the debt from the new water system.

He said the new city manager will answer any questions that residents have about the surcharge.

â??Thereâ??s a lot of misinformation about the $12 on what itâ??s being used for and whatâ??s being done. That's what he's going to straighten out. It's not going toward misappropriation. It's going toward debt issues and the 2003 bond issue. The city manager is going to address why the surcharge,â?? Hein said.

McKinney also said she would like to see more things built for kids and teens to enjoy.

â??Put in something for families. Give them somewhere to go and something to do. Make them something out here,â?? McKinney said.

Hein said thatâ??s a task the new city manager can help with for the future if itâ??s put in the proposed budget.

â??If he puts it in the proposed budget and it gets passed, then he can implement it,â?? Hein said.

Hein said Fritchâ??s mayor and current interim city manager are negotiating the details of the contract with McKay.

He also said he could start as soon as Friday.