Friday the 13th doesn't scare Amarillo residents

Did you let a black cat cross your path today?

Did you walk under a ladder?

If so, today might not have been the day to do so.

Pronews 7 took to the streets to see how spooked people are about Friday the 13th.

"I love Friday the 13th," said Amarillo resident Braden Clark. "13 is a lucky number!"

Something a little unique about this day in 2012. This year, Friday the 13th happens not once, not twice, but three times. And get this-- all are separated by exactly 13 weeks.

"Wow, that's pretty interesting but I think I'll have an extra cup coffee for each of those Friday the 13ths," said Amarillo businessman Joshua Raef.

If you're looking for something a little more risky to do on Friday the 13th, you are in luck, literally.

Sugar Daddy's, an Amarillo tattoo parlor located off Paramount is offering something a little special today.

"Tattoos are generally pretty expensive so we dropped the price so people can do it," said owner Scott Stinnett. "We have a little get together and let people come in whether they were prepared or not. It's a risky kind of fun and it's fun for us because we get to tattoo blindfolded. things out of the ordinary happen."

It's a game where you roll the dice to see what tattoo you get.

Lucky, afraid or just another day... It's Friday the 13th.

"No scary supsertitions here for me other than we'll probably watch Friday the 13th tonight with some popcorn," said Amarillo resident Kelly Burton.