Freshman Rep. Four Price ready to go to Austin

File photo Four Price

This week leading up to the 82nd Legislature in the state's capitol, we're focusing on the issues area legislators say are going to be their top priorities when they meet in Austin next week.

Incoming freshman Representative Four Price says he's really looking forward to going downstate and working with other local lawmakers to make sure the Panhandle's collective voices are heard.

He and the large majority of lawmakers see the estimated $20 billion budget deficit and redistricting as the main topics of discussion and possibly contention between lawmakers.

He also said he's ready to be a voice for the Panhandle area when it comes to addressing the budget deficit and local issues.

"We're looking at spending reductions more than increases in revenue and I'm not looking to promote any new tax increases. I think we want to do things to protect our ag exemptions, which people in other parts of the state might not even realize we have. And so, I think it's important to protect those types of interest where people are looking for revenues...that's not an area where I'd like to see them get it."

F reshman lawmakers have already gone through their orientation and Price said he's ready to tackle Austin.