Free back-to-school clothes thanks to Target, Salvation Army


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, back-to-school shopping means an opportunity for new clothes for the year. For some kids that isn't always the case.

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Salvation Army teamed up to provide a new wardrobe for some students in need. Since 2009, Target has sponsored back-to-school shopping sprees around the U.S. They give the Salvation Army $1 million nationwide to provide gift cards for deserving kids.

"We usually go thrift stores and I usually get are raggedy t-shirts and old tank tops that really don't fit my personality," said gift card recipient Brittney Shuck.

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lucky students received
$81 in store credit to spend during a 2-hour spree at Target. Each kid was paired with a Salvation Army volunteer to to see what fit, and what didn't.



e get $81 for spending and some people usually say that's not going to get you anything but it's getting me something

," said Shuck.

Salvation Army Volunteer Janie Miller said every kid deserves to start a new school year with a fresh start.



verybody wants to fee really all prissied up when they go to school and have new clothes and everything

," said Miller.


I did and my kids did when they went back to school. I think that'll give them just a little more self-confidence and make them feel good."