Free admission to the Sox game to promote breast cancer awareness by Texas Tech

Friday's Sox game in Amarillo was offered up for free, all thanks to the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, as a way to reach out and hopefully raise awareness of health issues, especially breast cancer.

While you might not connect the crack of a bat with breast cancer awareness...that's exactly what physicians and survivors are hoping to drive home tonight with the free seats to the game.

Last year, Texas Tech concentrated on mammograms and screenings across the Panhandle, and those efforts may have save some lives, according to Amarillo Breast Cancer Center of Excellence director, Sharon Felts.

"Last year, we did 4 mammogram events here in Amarillo, and we had 3 women diagnosed with breast cancer at those events. So we believe we can make a difference."

By offering up some free seats, they hope to get the word out to people they might have missed, and it's a chance to really put some preventative health measure on deck.

"We don't want to just be high tech, we want to be high touch too. And we have made a concentrated effort to get out in the community and look for those opportunities and we like to think of ourselves as high touch."

And while a free game is a pretty good reason to get out and support the Sox, being a part of the area's breast care health is a home run, according to the Marketing manager, Steven Pair.

"I think it's going to be a good time and good opportunity to raise awareness have a good time and show people, Hey, we're Texas Tech and we're here as part of our community."

So we hope you enjoyed the game, with Texas Tech picking up the tab and your awareness of good health.