Fox convicted in Clovis stabbing case

Chip Fox, 37, was convicted on March 31 for eight years a the Clovis, N.M., stabbing case.

Chip Fox, 37, sentenced on March 31 in the August 2012 stabbing death of Kevin Reardon, 35.

Fox, of San Luis Obispo, Calif., and Reardon, of Valencia, Calif., were on a road trip from California when they stopped in Clovis to stay at a relative's house. On Aug. 16, 2012, the two men got into an argument after "huffing" an aerosol dust cleaner to get high when Reardon was fatally stabbed by Fox. Reardon was airlifted to a Lubbock hospital where he later died.

The Honorable Stephen K. Quinn presided over the sentencing hearing today and heard statements from both families. Judge Quinn sentenced Fox to eight years in the Department of Corrections, followed by two years parole. Judge Quinn found that the defendant is a habitual offender and that voluntary manslaughter is a serious violent offense, meaning that Fox has to serve 85 percent of his sentence in prison.

The case was prosecuted by District Attorney Andrea Reeb. The defendant was represented by Assistant Public Defender Chris Christensen.

For more information, please call the Office of the District Attorney at (575) 769-2246.