Four suspects in Dillard's robbery at large

Four suspects are at large after robbing Dillard's on April 7.

On April 7, Amarillo police officers were sent to Dillards on a reported robbery. Four of Dillard's loss prevention employees and a mall security guard reported the incident.

Officer learned that four suspects, two white males and two white females, entered the store around 4:45 p.m.

They walked around the store and made purchases on debit and credit cards. One of them also concealed some women's clothing and made no attempt to pay for it. When the four walked out, security followed them. The suspects were told to stop. One loss prevention employee took physical custody of the bags one male was carrying, including a woman's purse.

Another Dillard's employee tried to detain one of the females.

Three of the suspects ran to a white and blue 80s or 90s GMC pickup parked in the lot.

The male that had been carrying the bags told the security employee that he had a gun. That male then ran to the pickup and retrienved a silver-colored handgun. He walked back toward the loss prevention employees, pointing the gun at them and threatening them. Store security retreated back inside. The armed suspect got into the pickup and left the mall.

The vehicle was last seen southbound on S. Coulter.

The purse taken from the suspect contained credit cards and other identifying documents that were stolen in an auto burglary at the mall on April 5. There have been no arrests.

If you have any information on this robbery, please contact the Amarillo Police Department at (806) 374-4400.