Four Eastridge Elementary students on BB/BS Waiting List

We'll begin with 11-year old Nur, who's in the 4th grade. He says he likes school because her gets to hang out with his friends but likes to relax and play after school.

"We go to the park and play basketball."

And he's hoping to expand his downtime with an active big brother.

"What would you like to go do?" (13:54)

"Go to the movies, go to Wonderland and go to the zoo."

Nur has a big brother at home but he's hoping his appearance as a Waiting Child will get him matched up before the year ends.

"What do you want your big brother to be like?"

"Nice, so he can help me do things.

11- year old Zinman lives with his four brothers and sister, and he's the oldest of the bunch, so he doesn't have a big brother or big sister he can count on.

"I'm the oldest."

"So, you don't have an older brother or sister, do you? You're everybody else's older brother."


"Is that difficult?"

"It's like, we have to do everything and like, we're grown ups."

Both these young men are in need of a mentor in the form of a big brother, but until they get matched up, nur and zin will both be waiting.

For more information on Big Brothers, Big Sisters, call that office at 351-2210. Big Brothers, Big Sisters is a non profit organization.